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We manufacture quality 3D terrain & flocked game mats for MechWarrior CMG

enhance your next game
Official WizKids Tourney Sizes & Shapes
Hand Crafted, Pre-Painted, 3-D Terrain
Uniform Color Scheme, 1/8 inch Masonite
and 3' x 3' Flocked Game Mats ... in 4 colors.

This is some awesome looking terrain . . . you will not be disappointed

There have been [Tripod Counter] (C)ombined (A)rms (T)acticians before you

We pay close attention to detail on every handcrafted CATterrain piece. We use the following products; Grand Central Gems pine trees, Plastruct hobby model parts and Woodland Scenics model railroad components.  

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Some images on this web page contain other elements (trees, miniatures, etc.) that are manufactured, copyrighted, patented and/or trademarked by others.  No endorsement or association with CATterrain exists with these companies or should be implied in any official capacity whatsoever.  No challenge to copyright or trademarked status is intended. is a fan / hobby site for mechwarrior CMG terrain. ©  2006

Handcrafted Model Pine Trees ©  are copyright Grand Central Gems, Inc.
MechWarrior /  MageKnight / HeroClix ©  figures are copyright WizKids, LLC
Tree Armatures / Clump-Foliage /  Water Effects ©  are copyright Woodland Scenics