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Photo Gallery
John D. and kids  @ Cambridge, MN (August, 2004)

MechWarrior vs. MageKnight Scenario

Here is a quick look at the setup for the Reign of Fire scenario.  Click here for the scenario rules and bigger pictures of the set up.  We never got the chance to game the final setting, but the scenario was a lot of fun.

500 point Head-to-Head @ Hastur Hobbies (August, 2003)

Nikol Brahe's mercenaries battle Mutts & 2 Wolves on our 3' x 4' flocked game mats with hindering CATterrain.

300 point "Night of the Cat" Campaign @ Century Magic (July, 2003)

Spirit Cats battle "One-Eye +1" and BR Mutts on our Camel Tan flocked game mat with blocking CATterrain.

Click on an image below for more details ... or look at CATterrain's eBay auctions

500 point Head-to-Head @ Century Magic (July, 2003)

LE Spirit Cats battle Dragons, Wolves & Mutts on our Arctic Blue game mat and custom-built arctic CATterrain.

The Turtle and the Hare (300-500 pt tourney viable armies, post Sept. 2003)
(i.e. wait in your DZ for your opponent to come to you and shell the hell out of him along the way)
   Artillery w/ 30+ range (multi-shots -- 2 damage and/or Armor Piercing and/or Improved Targeting)
   Infantry shield (Improved Targeting for taking out VTOLs and/or capturing 'Mechs that get to close)
   Use 'Mechs & other vehicles *only* if they can provide better support to said Artillery. AAs and VTOLs can be okay.
Note: You need more Arty than your opponent's "Hard-shells" ... 3-4 is the minimum, the more the merry.
(i.e. get as much firepower across the battlefield as fast as you can, pushing along the way)
   'Mechs w/ 10+ move, 3+ primary damage (Infiltration and/or Evasion and/or Brawling)
   VTOLs w/ 20+ move, 8+ range, 2+ damage (multi-shots and/or Anti-Personal)
   Use Infantry & other vehicles *only* if you can get them across the field ASAP. Transports and Trikes can be okay.
Note: You need better 'Mechs and VTOLs that your opponent's "Gun-bunnies" ... Brawling can be key.

Final Note: There is no such thing as a CAT-metamorphic turtle-hare army that is tourney viable, IMHO ... its all for one and one for all.  The moral of the story ... "slow and steady wins the race."

What about terrain placement and bigger battlefields?
   TERRAIN:  It makes a minimal difference, but is functional for blocking the +4 clear Artillery shot and running a 'Mech from water to water plus helping the meat-shield. (Note, MW:AoD artillery has +2.)
   BATTLEFIELD:  Using the 3' x 4' and setup 4' away from your opponent ... the Turtles win 8 or 9 times out of 10, because the Hares just aren't fast enough to cover that much distance as a cohesive attack force. On the 3' x 3' ... the Turtles still win the majority of games because they can use their Infantry to shield their Artillery from the Charging / Brawling 'Mechs.

Thank you for looking at our Photo Gallery ...

7-piece flocked urban subset
7-piece custom flocked  subset
7-piece water effects subset