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Tabletop Terrain Resources
   GCG, Inc., Plastruct and Woodland Scenics make some of the hobby components we use...
   TerraGenesis is a great site on how to make your own terrain; for beginners, novices & experts...
   WizKids Terrain Templates PDF downloads of the official mechwarrior web-site paper terrain...

On-line CMG Resources
   Battle Planner or BattlePlanner @ Yahoo figure databases (with images) for all CMG games...
   CMG Realms covers all the CMG and TMG ever made... a very helpful site with forums and info...
   Undefeated  Paizo's magazine for hobby games you can win! (CMGs, TMGs, CCGs and Boardgames)...

OOP Collectable Miniatures Games
   Fantasy Flight Games DiskWars (fantasy) RangeWars (Deadlands Weird-West) Red Alert! (Star Trek) and TI:Armada (Spaceships) I was a play-tester SLDWebsite for these games Mechanics: DiskWars is the first table-top miniatures wargame with the stats on them, opponents flipped the "pogs" end-over-end to land on and thereby attack opposing disks.  Special abilities, spells and missiles were all use in these games.
   Precedence Entertainment Star Legions, a Sci-Fi and a play-testers fan site Mechanics: 40 mm figs. with fixed offensive, defensive and dice-shift stats printed on the base.  The Dice-Shift Game System uses the standard (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20) hobby dice.  With a die roll, low is always best, but the dice-shift element allows for a change in the dice rolled up or down the available die slide.  Upon closing their doors, the CEO said in regards to this product, "We also offer (for sale) the complete Star Legions CMG game system and figures, ready to be shipped for manufacturing." We have seen a few padded miniatures cases for sale (don't know the MFG) at local hobby shops with photos of the Star Legions CMG figs. on them.
   Battle TAGS Time Stream Games, World War II, their Forum and GR 1  Mechanics: Initiative based, 54mm (1/35 scale) figs with historically accurate weapons and uniforms on hexagonal bases that include the description of the figure, as well as several pieces of game info. Playable on hex maps or with optional 3-dimensional tabletop rules. Collectable "dog tags" with (T)actics, (A)rms, (G)ear, or (S)kills are used to customize each individual soldier and track their statistics.  Slotted squad tray / TAGS holder acts as your record book and score card for up to 5 soldiers.  Two 6-sided dice (one red, one white).
   Sabertooth Games Lord of the Rings, their Forum and GR 1 the GR 2 and GR pics  Mechanics: Two factions (good vs. evil), Combat Hex, 40mm figs. with a dual-slider-mechanism for record keeping (one for wounds and one for action points) on the base with color coded special abilities and statistics (25 in the first set) that do not necessarily decrees as the fig takes damage.  Skirmish battles on two 2' x 2' double-sided 40mm hex maps that fit together to make one mega-map.  Characters will have variations in the weapons they carry (translates to different stats) which will determine the level of rarity.  A typical game will last about 30 minutes to an hour with 1000 point games that have about 12-20 figures on each side.
Note:  "GR # / pics" = a report / images from about that particular game.

Other Web Sites of Interest

Kiteboarding        Windsurfing
Fantastic 360 degree virtual tour of this Lake Arenal Hotel

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The legendary Hugo winning (1967) fanzine first published in 1960 has been renamed
PULPDOM; a bi-monthly magazine for readers and collectors of really old pulp magazines.

Sympathy for the eBay
Please allow me to introduce myself,
I'm a man of little wealth but excellent taste.

I've been hobby gamer for a long, long year,
since the original D&D, Chainmail and now HeroScape.

And I was 'round when DiskWars died,
it had its moment as head-of-state.
Made dame sure I got some of those pogs,
but pre-painted CMGs sealed its fate.

Pleased to meet you,
hope you guess my roast.

But what's puzzling you,
is the nature of this post!!!

I stuck around at WizKids Games,
when I saw it was a-time for a change.
Collected MageKnight and its dungeon child,
watched Crimson Skies and screamed in vain

I rode a MechWarrior tank,
held a Battle Master's rank.
While the limited edition prizes raged,
until the artillery stank.

Pleased to meet you,
hope you guess my roast, oh yeah.

Ah, what's puzzling you,
is the nature of this post, ah yeah!!!

I've played HeroScape with glee, my collection is bulging at the seams.
Searched eBay HeroScape listings, found expensive custom heroes and teams.
(whoo whoo)

I shouted out, "why pay top dollar on eBay", for a single miniature or fig.
When, after all, you can make-them-yourself and find some custom rules on-line, if you dig.
(whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo, whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo)
(whoo whoo) ..........

Just as every thread reader is a possible eBay bidder, and all of us sinners are saints.
For HeroScape custom figs, just call me "CATterrain",
'cause I'm in need of some restraint.
(whoo whoo)

So if you search eBay sellers "CATterrain", have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and place a bid.
Use all your well-learned custom building skills,
I'm selling my entire MageKnight collection to the highest bid, um yeah.
(whoo whoo)

Pleased to meet you,
now you've guessed my roast.

Its no longer puzzling you,
you now know the nature of this post!!!