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Flocked Game Mats

Ice Blue
blizzard blitzkrieg

Back Tan
desert engagements

Forest Green
dark forest fights

Concrete Gray
metro cityscapes

Why CATterrain?  Our durable 3' x 3' game mats are made from industrial grade polyester felt that has been 100% flocked with a multicolor texture effect.  The appropriate WizKids deployment zones (3" x 20") have been carefully inked on two opposing sides.  Finally, the entire reinforced flocked game mat is sealed with a water resistant topcoat.  CATterrain flocked game mats are much stronger than retail store felt, they are less likely to pile (fur balls) but they hold their shape and you can store them rolled up in a tube or lightly folded into a box.  These are killer looking battle mats, you will not be disappointed.

7-piece flocked urban subset
7-piece custom flocked subset
7-piece water effects subset