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Hindering Terrain

Hindering CATterrain
7-piece custom flocked sub-set

Why CATterrain?  Our trees never impede a miniatures location, or obstruct range measurements.

   H1: Woodland (9" x 6.5")
   H2: Orchard (10" x 3.5")
   H4: Brush (9.5" x 4.75")
Each of these low-profile terrain pieces are completely flocked with tricolor turf and some lifelike grass. There are five pre-drilled tree locations in each piece of terrain for a simple yet effective 'peg & hole' tree placment system. Simply place any tree into any hole or take the trees off alltogether.  One Grand Central Gems medium pine tree is included with each terrain piece.  

   H3: Low Wall (10" x 0.25") x3
This 1/4 inch high masonite terrain piece is painted with a textured, concrete urban gray fleck-stone effect.  

<--- 3 trees for the complete set  (H1, H2 & H4 hindering terrain singles each include one tree)

... or ...

you can custom order one of Nikol Brahe's colorful autumn oaks --->