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Blocking Terrain

Blocking CATterrain
7-piece urban flocked sub-set

Why CATterrain?  Our blocking terrain is 100% usable as abrupt elevated terrain.  

   B1: Office Building (9" x 6.5")
   B2: City Block A (10" x 3")
   B4: City Block C (10" x 3")
Each of these two-tone pieces have a small flocked area (tricolor blended turf & some lifelike grass) that represents clear terrain. The building area is coated with a textured, concrete gray fleck-stone effect.  Resulting in a strong urban look that corresponds to W5 & W6 Watercourse and W3 & W7 Canal.

   B3: City Block B (10" x 3")
   B5: Industrial Complex (8" x 4.5")
   B6: Industrial Tower (3.5" x 3.5")
All of these pieces represent solid buildings that are completely covered with a textured, concrete gray fleck-stone effect.  Easy to use as is, or as a sturdy base for something of your own custom design. Again, the uniform urban color scheme ties these pieces into the 21-piece system.

   B7: Butte (9.5" x 4.75")
This terrain piece is completely flocked with an earth-tone mix of brown railroad modeling sand and small gravel to represent a dirt hill.  The gravel flocking effect matches the borders on W1 Lagoon, W2 Pool and W4 Tarn.