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MechWarrior Terrain

CATterrain system
tourney legal, durable, 3-D terrain

Why CATterrain?  A clean and effective alternative to flimsy paper terrain!!!

Terrain Construction All of our terrain is hand crafted from low-profile masonite (1/8th inch tempered hardboard / particleboard = like plywood, but with finer chips and super compacted), factory scored on the bottom to prevent slipping and guaranteed not to warp or bend.  Each piece is shaped to the official WizKids PDF template size and a complex miniature modeling process is used to create the finished 3-D effects.  Similar railroad hobby components are applied throughout our terrain for a system wide uniform color scheme.  The PDF terrain code is inked on the back of each terrain piece for easy reference.  

From the base-coat of primer to the topcoat of sealer,
close attention to detail ensures a quality end-product that is 100% ready for the battlefield.  

7-piece flocked urban subset
7-piece custom flocked  subset
7-piece water effects subset