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News (bimonthly news updates)
(We need to know what you think about our products and web-site,  please e-mail us...)

September 2004: End the summer cleanup, redesigned the entire website + or - added text to MW terrain new images and less verbage about the start up new $21 build your own subset ... prep for eBay marketing!

added bidpay, just lost a Reserve Auction on ebay (R$39) toped at ten bucks!!!!!

CATterrain is 100% painted, flocked and finished economical terrain...

June 2004: Its been a while since we last updated ... but we are still hear and we still have  MechWarrior Terrain available.  Please go to the  On-line Store and/or please e-mail us Thank you.

September 2003:  More general updates to the web-site (mostly new product pics).  Added a Photo Gallery to showcase CATterrain (and we sell our products in most of these stores), finalized the acceptance of credit cards via PayPal in the On-line Store and attempted to remove the stifling number of pop-ups generated with each click.  During the next few months, we will be tripling our in-stock inventory to compensate for a limited outdoors terrain building environment.  And of course we've listed more items on eBay.

July 2003:  Updated & streamlined the entire web-site ... again.  We've also added Flocked Game Mats for sale, a free MW:DA vs. MK:C Scenario, and we updated the MW:DA Faction Info to include "Death From Above" expansion stats.  Take a look at our Other CMGs sub-page and get the scoop on three new collectable miniatures games to be released this fall.  Plus we started production on the new & improved CATterrain beta-sets.  Now available in 1/8" masonite tempered hardboard.  Its half as thick as the 1/4" stuff, yet just as durable and cheaper to ship.  Once again, we've listed a few CATterrain products on eBay at a discount ... happy bidding.

05/May/03:  Updated & streamlined the entire web-site, extrapolated some WizKids Clix on Speed house rules and lowered the terrain prices over-all.  Plus we've and added a Single Terrain page.  Plus more sets are now available on eBay with a reserve price of only $45 with the Awards of Honor bonus.   We also started another Special eBay Offer  This offer is retroactive and includes all of our eBay auctioned figs. sold to date:
As a special offer to the "eBay Winner" of this non-terrain auction.  CATterrain, LLC will give you $5* off the purchase of an 18+ piece Entire Set of terrain. There is no limit to this offer, order as many sets as you want ... offer good through 15th of December, 2003. Please refer to your winning auction number when ordering. *Not applicable with other offers, not cumulative.

March 2003: Now you can Play HeroClix in 3-D with these house rules.  Additional terrain sets are now available on eBay ... and we started the Awards of Honor  This offer is retroactive and includes all 18+ sets sold to date:  
As a special offer available to the first 25 on-line customers.  CATterrain, LLC will send you one FREE terrain piece of your choice (including 100% shipping & handling) for each new customer you recommend that subsequently purchase an 18+ piece entire set at the $55 retail price.  There is not limit to this award ... offer good through 31st of December, 2003.

January 2003: This page was uploaded to the internet.  We don't know how many times we will be posting new content, but we've got a few other ideas banging around in our heads ... time will tell.  We did get more supplies so as to sell our terrain sets to the general Salt Lake City public and we looked into other base material and concrete block options.

December 2002:  The alpha-sets of MechWarrior Terrain are finished and up for auction on eBay.  We started the paperwork for filing CATterrain, LLC.  We sold our first 18+ entire set via eBay to an army-man in Puerto Rico.