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About us started building custom terrain for MechWarrior CMG in early 2002.  We are dedicated to high quality, economical terrain, flocked game mats and miniature / wargame display scenery.

Our terrain follows the WizKids terrain ground rules and official terrain PDF template specs. Our 3' x 3' flocked game mats are awesome.  Run by gamers for gamers, we pay close attention to detail on everything.

   Custom design guarantees the noninterference of any 3-dimensional components during game play.

   Uniform color scheme and handcrafted 3-D modeling effects fully integrates our terrain.

   Economical construction provides a 21-piece terrain system for any official WizKids tourney.

Still going strong in Fall of 2006 ... order yours today.
Some customer's testimonials...

Cool looking terrain, fast shipping, very reliable!!!
-- William P., Akron, OH

I was surprised what a good combo the felt mats make with the hardboard terrain - nothing slides around and a battle can be set up anywhere there is a flat surface.
-- John D., Cambridge, MN

I took the flocked game mats to the venue I usually run mechwarrior games at and everyone loved them.  The terrain is very nice as well.
-- Steve R., Lexington Park, MD

Received the terrain earlier this week. It's very nice =]
-- Johathan C., Mechanicsburg, PA

Great merchant and GREAT PRODUCT! If you play MECHWARRIOR, you want this terrain.
-- skilletfries72 (eBay)

Why CATterrain?  If your looking on the internet for official mechwarrior tournament terrain you have come to the right place.  We know there are a few other terrain options available besides CATterrain, but it depends on how you want your battlefield to look.  Maybe you like the flimsy PDF paper print-outs or color felt/craft foam shapes, ... yes they are cheap and easy, but not very attractive next to the awesome WisKids figs.  Maybe the 3D foam or laser cut buildings you have to build and paint are more to your liking, ... yes they do add depth, but they are very expensive and don't always comply with WizKids terrain ground rules.  Plus you can forget about bringing a complete set to your next FLGS tourney, much less any extras for your friends to use.

The CATterrain system combines all of the best terrain features.  CATterrain is both economical and durable 3-D mechwarrior terrain.  Easily transportable, all of our terrain complys WizKids terrain ground rules.  And for less that the cost of 5 boosters, the CATterrain system provides you with a complete set of 18 terrain pieces along with 3 flocked trees that will be the envy of every mechwarrior in your league.

Contact us at: CATterrain <== eBay auctions or via eMail ==>

WizKids terrain ground rules state:  Miniatures need access to all of the template's play area,
so any three-dimensional pieces should be able to be moved to accommodate game play.

7-piece flocked urban subset
7-piece custom flocked subset
7-piece water effects subset