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Marvel HeroClix FIXED
I'm not to worried about the sculpting or painting (gaming WizKids since the beginning) ... and much more concerned with the game-play mechanics and organized play support of the new CMGs.  I.e., I am a gamer who wants to game in tourneys that are fun, fast and fair (no first turn kills, broken fig. in every army etc...).  If I was a painter (which I am sometimes) there are lots of metal figs out there for me.

These are a few of the major fu-pas in Marvel Hero Clix; Infinity Challenge we though the game should not be with out ... whether or not these new abilities would change the point cost of the fig. is not addressed.  Thanks to James Hunt and Craig Black for this input

Hobgoblin needs Toughness Yellow = 1st click
Blue = 1st click
Red = 1st & 2nd click and he has 2 arrows for ranged combat

Captain America needs multiple arrows (If anyone knows the captain, it makes perfect sense.) Yellow = 1 arrow
Blue = 2 arrows
Red = 3 arrows
Unique = 1 arrow

Spider-Man needs Super-Senses (... my spider-senses are tingling for 110 points ...) Yellow = 1st click
Blue = 1st & 2nd clicks
Red = 1st, 2nd & 3rd clicks
Unique = 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th clicks

Cyclops needs Leadership (This represents Scott's ability to clutch it and get his team out of a tight spot.  Usually, the X-Men would go in with a plan, get whacked, then come up with another plan in a pinch to beat someone. Note: You have to split ... a-la Mage Knight ... his damage ability marker.) Yellow = 1st click and last click

Blue = 1st click and last 2 clicks

Red = 1st click and last 3 clicks

Unique = 1st click and last click

Ultron needs Mind-Control (This makes perfect sense, since Ultron always mind controls someone to rebuild him after he has been destroyed.) Yellow = last click

Blue = last 2 clicks

Red = last 3 clicks