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About CMGs
What is a CMG / TMG?
Envisioned by WizKids, LLC in 2000 with their début of "Mage Knight: Rebellion" at Origins & GenCon, a collectable miniatures game (CMG), some times called a customizable collectable miniature game (CCMG) or a tradable miniatures game (TMG) is the unification of tabletop miniature war games and collectable card games. Unlike miniatures, the figs. are fully-assembled and pre-painted (just like our CATterrain, its 100% painted, flocked & ready "out-of-the-bag").  Unlike CCGs, players do not rely on the luck of the draw from a somewhat random stack of cards.  CMGs appeal to the collector in us all ... plus they are typically easy to learn and quick to play.

Essentially, a CMG (polyvinyl plastic figurines in 25-50 mm size) is a tabletop miniatures game with out the need for endless rules books, extensive charts & tables, or pen & paper record keeping; because the figures themselves are used to track all in-game statistics.  More often than not, they are sold in a "closed-package" format that includes a randomly selected distribution of rare, uncommon and common figs. per pack.  In addition to the figs. themselves, most starter packs include game accessories (rules, dice, maps, special ability decoder cards, etc. al.), whereas the boosters only have figs, but a better distribution ratio and a lower overall cost per fig.

As of 2001, CMGs are the latest rage in the hobby-gaming industry.  WizKids, LLC (recently purchased by TOPPS for only $30+ million) won 9 out of their 14 Origins Award Nominations for 2002 ... including Best Game of the Year.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about collectable miniatures games including a list of CMGs.